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Where to Put Your Pool

Do you own your space? Do you want to put this business on your own property?

Are you zoned legally for this business on the property that you are looking at? Check with your local county laws to see what kind of licensing you will need for this business. Sometimes you only need to be an owner occupied residence and sometimes you need a conditional use permit or to be in commercial zoning. Each area is different.

Are you looking at renting commercial space?

Will your landlords be ok with a big vessel of water in their rental space? Be sure you provide adequate ventilation so that your pool doesn’t create any harm to the structure of the building.

Will your landlords be ok with the water useage and the occasional dumping of water? Ie is this on a septic system or sewer or will the county allow draining the pool out into the parking lot?

These are some things you'll want to make sure you're legally covered for.