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Therapy FAQs
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Frequently Asked Questions about canine hydrotherapy and other therapies available at La Paw Spa.

Can I get in the water with my dog?: Absolutely!!! However, on our first session - you will be better support for your dog by being at pool side. Cindy does most of her first session at the steps, ... (Continue Reading...)

Do you have any shorter appointments?: Spa time is a lot more than just the time spent swimming! Along with swimming, we also spend time doing gentle range of motion and massage. (Continue Reading...)

Do you use Life Jackets?: If you are coming to Cindy for a therapy session, she will be in the water for the entire session with your pup. She will choose not to use a life jacket in a session so that ... (Continue Reading...)

Do you use hoists?: This is where I could get on a soap box and stand on street corners... I would never use a hoist... (Continue Reading...)

Do you wear a wetsuit or some kind of full body armour?: I want to feel the dog and I want the dog to feel me... (Continue Reading...)

How many sessions will my dog require?: Well.. this is a loaded question... the answer to this one depends on about 20 different variables - maybe more. We first will want to ... (Continue Reading...)

I hear that you teach classes and that the dogs you use for the class get free sessions?: I teach 3 classes each year to students who have never worked in water and for these classes, I need easier dogs and usually draw on my client base... (Continue Reading...)

Is my dog too big to swim in your pool?: When my buddy, Cardiff, arrived at the pool, he resembled a small horse weighing in at 240 pounds. This was the largest dog that had ever visited La Paw Spa. Well ok he was actually the biggest dog I had ever seen! (Continue Reading...)

My Dog does not know HOW to swim. Is water therapy really the right thing?: First of all, it's really important to understand that swimming is only a portion of the benefit of warm water therapy. With some dogs, swimming isn't even a part of the program at all. ... (Continue Reading...)

My Dog does not like to be in water. Can he still benefit?: Cindy at La Paw Spa excels in the department of emotional safety in water. She has built her practice and school on the importance of this. The first session is always about emotions and Cindy takes great care in helping the dogs ... (Continue Reading...)

My dog doesn't use his back legs when swimming.: Since nearly 80% of the dogs who come to see me in spa are coming for some kind of back half injury or rehab question, this is an important question to resolve. (Continue Reading...)

What do I need to bring?: All you need to do is bring yourself, your dog, your in-take forms and ... (Continue Reading...)

What does Canine Warm Water Therapy Look Like? La Paw Spa Graduates in the News!: Joyce Biethan, the owner of Unsinkable Dogs has created a wonderful K9 Warm Water Swim Center in the greater Portland and Vancouver area. Working at her pool is Mindy Mulligan, a level two graduate of La Paw Spa's Aquatic Training... (Continue Reading...)

What else do I need to know before coming?: There are many things that will help us to keep the pool safe and clean for everyone. Here are a few tips... (Continue Reading...)

When can I do self swimming?: Well, that depends on your skill and what your dog requires. Many people who want to self swim require only one instructional session from Cindy and then they are well on their way. Some people prefer to spend a bit more time ... (Continue Reading...)

Will a visit to La Paw Spa benefit ME?: OH, YES! Come on in and relax... (Continue Reading...)

You don't usually answer your phone - how do we reach you?: I am truly sorry about that... I tried to hire staff for the phone thing but I really want to talk to you personally - it is a bit of a challenge when you work in water all the time ... (Continue Reading...)

You're busy! How can I get my dog into see you?: I limit the number of people who I can see so that I can be fully there for them. (Continue Reading...)