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The Rex Center - Ellen Jane Davison

The Rex Center

La Paw Spa Heart 2 Heart Level 1 Certified

Ellen Jane Davison

1040 Palmetto Ave
Pacifica, CA

Phone: 650-738-8739
Email: info<at> (*)

A graduate of La Paw Spa I have been doing warm water fitness with dogs of all ages,sizes and needs for 5 years.

We offer both assisted and OPEN warm swimming as well as Cool Water Sport Swims for pool savvy agility and sporting dogs.

Massage and acupressure are available, by appointment.

Dr Ilana Strubel DVM will be prescribing reconditioning exercises including floor exercises along with swimming. Dr Strubel will also offer chiropratic adjustments.

The Rex Center provides all you need to keep your dog fit!

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