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Teddy - Swim Therapy Helps Dog to Walk Again
Teddy and Friends

Teddy is a little better. His legs are still very weak, but today he was able to walk in the park for the first time.

I'll say one thing--he really loves his water workouts!

He looks so happy and relaxed when he returns from La Paw Spa, and he's also very happy after going in the tub. He follows me around afterwards wherever I go and gives me these deep soulful looks.

Thanks again for teaching me about the benefits of water. I've always loved swimming, but before I never thought about the healing and bonding powers of water. Such a fascinating subject!


Just wanted to let you know that Teddy's neck is much better! Your massage made a big difference. The day after the massage, I took Ted for a stroller ride along with my friend Margaret. I hadn't told Margaret about Teddy's latest treatments, but she commented right away on how Teddy was swiveling his head more than usual. He was turning his head about 90 degrees to the left and not quite as far to the right. I think he's generally feeling better.

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