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Tailwagger's Massage and Hydrofitness - Earlene Verona Winn
La Paw Spa Heart 2 Heart Level 2 Certified

Earlene Verona Winn

Phone: (310)994-4305
Email: earlenewinn<at> (*)

I have been a practicing certified massage therapist for over 9 years. I added my Level 2 Canine Water therapy certification 4 years ago and have developed a fitness program to meet the needs of senior dogs, recovering dogs, athlete dogs, and dogs new to the water that want to learn to swim or just have fun. I round out my program with classes for balance, strength and flexibility. I offer Pup Core Pro (TM) classes at 3 levels. Senior, K9 sport and level 1/2. I have a degree in animal Science, and numerous certifications in areas such as nutrition, Tellington T Touch, Holistic animal care. I can tailor a program to specifically meet your dog's mobility and health needs.

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