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Should I consider training even if I have no pool?

QUESTION: We have very limited resources here right now, so I am not sure how to apply my passion or if taking your level one class is what I should do? I know that this kind of service is greatly needed but I don't know if I can afford a pool at this time?

ANSWER: I completely understand your concern. In The Level One Class, what you learn is so much more than Canine Water Therapy. Many students have gone on, after they graduate from class, to apply their new skills and awareness to create a business that still supports dogs and their people but without a pool. One student now offers massage in her grooming business and has a wonderful value added service that works for her. Another student was so touched by special needs pets and their people that she started a special needs pet sitting business and is doing great! Many have gone on to just work for people who already have pools, and one creative student started her own water massage business in her hot tub! We talk about the big picture in Level One and many do alot of soul searching in class and come up with a path that is uniquely theirs...