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Shari's Quest - Shari L. Seymour

Shari's Quest

La Paw Spa Heart 2 Heart Level 2 Certified

Shari L. Seymour

5538 Rice Lake Scenic Dr.
Gores Landing, ON K0K 2E0

Phone: 905-373-5800
Email:<at> (*)

I am very fortunate to have been working with animals most of my life. In the 90's I made some impact in the world with "Canine Massage A Practical Guide".

I now have a beautiful location for my artwork, and the continuation of body work on land and in water.

Sierra Springs boasts an amazing setting for growth and healing. That is where my art studio is, and an indoor pool where miracles happen with dogs...and their people.

I continue to teach massage-based body work techniques and am writing another book: "Enhance Your Dog's Life".

I am now living the sharing information I have gathered over the years to enhance the life of animals and their people.

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