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Pool Questions

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All About Filters: A properly maintained pool incorporates both filtration and sanitation. We sanitize to kill bacteria, viruses, and algae, and we filter to remove particles suspended in the water. While clear water is not a guarantee that the water is safe to... (Continue Reading...)

Can chlorinated pools be dangerous?: Q: I've heard that chlorinated pools can be dangerous. Is that true? A: The answer is "possibly". Any substance, even pure water, can be dangerous or even deadly when used improperly. Chlorine is no exception. Chlorine is the most commonly... (Continue Reading...)

How big a pump do I need?: Q: How big a pump do I need for my pool? A: Here is a case where bigger probably IS better. There are generally two uses for pumps in a pool. Jet pumps are used to create a current to... (Continue Reading...)

How often should I shock my pool? : Q: How often should I shock my pool? A: The simple answer is "Whenever it needs it". The real question is "How do I know when my pool needs a shock treatment?" WHY SHOCK? First, it helps to understand what... (Continue Reading...)

Test Your Pool Chemical IQ: Do you know what you are putting in your pool? Chemicals are a necessary part of pool maintenance. As much as we would like to eliminate them, it just isn't practical (or safe) to go without. However, it is vitally... (Continue Reading...)

What is pH?: Q: What is pH? Mine is frequently off, but my water looks fine. A: Well, pH stands for "potential of hydrogen", but I prefer to think of it as Potential Hazard. It is probably the single most important test in... (Continue Reading...)

What is the best size pool?: Q: I want to build a pool. What do you think is the best size? A: There is probably no "best size", but here are some things to think about that might help you make a decision. First, what type... (Continue Reading...)

What should I know about using ozone to sanitize my pool?: Q: I'm thinking about using ozone to sanitize my pool. What should I know? A: Good choice! Ozone is an excellent sanitizer that is economical, environmentally friendly, and pleasant for our clients. Let's start with a basic understanding about how... (Continue Reading...)