La Paw Spa
La Paw Spa
Other Support Products

We have a growing number of support products and services now in this area of geriatric and disabled pet support.


Ortho Vet SPLINTS The new OrthoVet Splints are modeled after the human splints that have become increasingly popular for lower leg, ankle and foot injuries.

Handicapped Pets

Handicapped Pets - Products, Services, and Classifieds for handicapped pets, Their Family, and Friends.

Their mission: "There was a day when injured pets were 'no good anymore.' When an animal was hurt, became lame or incontinent, or was, for any reason no longer wanted they were put down. Not Anymore. ..." Read the rest of the Handicapped Pets mission.

Raised Pet Feeders

The healthiest way for a dog to eat is elevated!

The Pet Medicine Chest
Offering natural, herbal, chemical-free remedies for birds, cats, dogs and rabbits. Pet Medicine Chest's all natural herbal remedies have been available for over 45 years.

(402) 571-4466

Marina Zacharias
Natural Rearing and alternative, holistic, complementary health care for pets

PO Box 1436
Jacksonville, OR 97530
Phone: 541.899.2080
Fax: 541.899.3414

Back On Track Veterinary Rehab.
Dr. Bianca Shaw

10245 S.W. Park Way
Portland, OR 97225
Phone: 503.292.0931
Fax: 503.296.0748

Lost Creek Botanicals
Rebecca Swingle, ESMT/CH & Brian Combs
Custom herbal formulas and remedies for dogs, cats and other animals

Rochester, WA

Animalkind Training
Shannon Finch
Tellington Touch Practitioner and Clicker Training