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More background and educational information on Canine Hydrotherapy

About The Pool: Before Cindy considers working at a pool, the first thing she considers is how that pool owner is caring for the water. The pools she uses are maintained by people who strive for the best options for care... (Continue Reading...)

Canine Bodywork and Massage: During a water therapy session, even if your dog has only signed up for a swim conditioning program, there will need to be resting times as water is up to 20 times the resistance of air. It is during... (Continue Reading...)

Canine Hydrotherapy: Health Benefits of Swimming for Dogs: When someone recently asked me to write this article on the health benefits of canine hydrotherapy, my mind tried to embrace what that article would actually say.... as water therapy is so much deeper than what people usually think. (Continue Reading...)

Dog pools for swimming therapy: what to look for.: Are you looking for a pool for your dog and having a hard time finding one? Here are some things you may want to know, and things to ask as you search for a qualified dog pool. (Continue Reading...)

Fascia: That Which Connects Us: Fascia is the one single that that connects us... it's the wrapping in the body that surrounds every single muscle, bone, organ... every little thing in the body is surrounded by and connected by fascia. If someone were to remove every bone, muscle, and organ from your body - you would still be recognizable to your friends by your fascia network! (Continue Reading...)

Fascia: The Wonderful World, Continued: I have been doing fascia release work with dogs now for a few years and yet I have never had a measurement to show the profound change - until I met Biz. (Continue Reading...)

Handy Hints: This is a page that we've just created for the intention of gathering handy hints from everyone who have come up with loving and creative ways for caring for the aging or disabled dogs in their life. (Continue Reading...)

Inspirational Stories: We would love to have your special stories about life and relationships with pets and how they have touched your lives. (Continue Reading...)

Is Your Dog A Candidate?: Every dog could benefit from a visit to the spa! (Continue Reading...)

Living with Disabilities: When one of our loyal dog friends becomes disabled, or begins to enter their geriatric years, it seems that suddenly the ground falls from beneath us. After the initial shock and fear of realizing that your best friend is going through a shift in their life, it is important to consider (Continue Reading...)

The DM Diagnosis: DM is a disease that attacks the dog's nervous system and leads to progressive neural (nerve) damage over time. It may initially attack one side of the dog, or both sides. DM does not seem to cause the dog any pain. (Continue Reading...)

The Emotional Benefits of Canine Hydrotherapy: Anyone who is in pain knows how soothing it is to slip into warm water. A sense of well-being flows over the body and the mind begins to relax. We were all (canines too) held in warm fluids for the first part of our lives. This was a time of safety and being taken care of. The influences at the cellular level of being held in warm water are intensely profound on the emotional body. (Continue Reading...)

The Spiritual Benefits of Canine Hydrotherapy: I guess I call this part the bigger picture of the work, the part we can not define, the gifts inherent in the process. When a paralyzed dog now comes to me in spa, I realize that 'healing' might mean that this dog will walk again - or it might mean that their person learn how to embrace and take care of the disability or dying process. There are many gifts in being able to take care of our dogs as they age... (Continue Reading...)

Water Therapy for the Canine Athelete: Weekend Warriors and Winter Couch Potatoes: How can we help to turn them into true Canine Athletes? By Debbie LaMonica ACWT Therapist, Washington It looks like it is springtime here in Washington. I say this not because it FEELS that... (Continue Reading...)

What is Canine Water Therapy?: The term "canine water therapy" can mean a lot of things... it can range all the way from an hour of tennis balls and power swimming to an hour of massage in the warm supporting waters at the stairs... (Continue Reading...)

Why Warm Water?: In Aquatic bodywork, we work from a comprehensive perspective that embraces both Eastern and Western models of the body. According to this expanded view, loss of flexibility in joints and muscles is not only physiological in origin, but emotional as well. (Continue Reading...)

Wobbler Syndrome: Wobbler syndrome (cervical (neck) vertebral instability) is caused by compression of the cervical spinal cord as a result of cervical vertebral malformation-malarticulation or instability. Spinal cord compression injures the portion of the spinal cord necessary for an animal to... (Continue Reading...)