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Marketing Scents
By Charlie Comstock of the Marketing Company, Synchronicity, located in Washington State.

Introduction - Marketing Scents: The beginning stages of market analysis for your new business of Canine Water Therapy.... Congratulations! I salute you in your endeavors to combine a heartfelt avocation within the seemingly diametrically opposed worlds of healing, compassion, and bottomless love with the... (Continue Reading...)

Maintaining A Visual Promotional Tool: We are quite the visually oriented species. We make many critical decisions during the day based upon visual input. Sometimes the visual stimulus is dramatic, such as a frown on a child's face. Sometimes it can be subtle as in... (Continue Reading...)

Post Card Business Card Works Wonders - The Power of the Testimonial: Word of mouth advertising is the best form of promotion you can have for your business. Using the words from your happy customers, in the form of testimonials in your promotional materials allow you the opportunity to share these individual... (Continue Reading...)

Publicity for Fun and Profit: There are many methods of promotion within the media mix that allow you to introduce your unique service to the public. A quite successful tool, when used effectively, is the "press release." A successful press release announces your canine services... (Continue Reading...)

Your Own Web Site for Under $3 A Month: In a recent poll, 90% of the business web sites were created specifically so their customers and prospects could find their current contact information. At first it would seem that is a considerable amount of effort for "just" a phone... (Continue Reading...)