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Level 2 Certified


Heart 2 Heart - Certified Level Two

When you see this logo, it signifies that this person has graduated from La Paw Spa's intensive Level Two Training in Canine Aquatics.

Showing exceptional dedication to the heart of canine water therapy, the graduates of this class have not only graduated previously from an intensive week of Level One Training where we've focused on both the physical and emotional safety needs for both the dogs and their people, but have come back for another week of furthering their skills and working toward knowing (and owning) their own unique gifts to this work.

During Level Two, special training has been provided in the areas of listening, intuition and being fully present for our clients. We begin working with more difficult dogs, more challenging cases and each student performs their own private sessions. Together we have ventured further into the world of mobility aides and explored deeper ways to provide support for our clients.

Although this certification shows serious training accomplished, this is not a legal license to practice therapy or rehabilitation. That right is still governed by our local governing bodies. Our graduates understand the distinction and have agreed to advertise their services within their legal scope of practice.