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Level 1

Level 1 Training

The Level 1 class in this course is a stand alone class and is designed to expose students to the broader scope of this profession, the depth of the work and to the healing and profound powers of water therapy. Graduates of this class often feel prepared to begin their business or begin providing services.

" Feel yourself being quietly drawn by the deeper pull of what you truly love." -- Rumi

Level 1 Training: Deposits are being taken dates for these classes are listed here. (Continue Reading...)

Level 1 Training Application: Level 1 Training applications are taken first come, first serve. (Continue Reading...)

Level 1 Training Details: I call my training program the 'heart' of canine water therapy as it is just that - the heart - the connection - the foundation from which you can build your practice. (Continue Reading...)

Level 1 Training Itinerary: Sample Itinerary for LEVEL 1 (Continue Reading...)

Level 1 Training Payment: Pay your Level 1 Version fees with Paypal! (Continue Reading...)

Level One Training Graduate Certificate: Once you've completed Level 1 Training, you're eligible to display the Heart 2 Heart Certified banner on your web site. (Continue Reading...)