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La Paw Spa

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La Paw Spa
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About Us: From as early as I remember, I have been crazy in love with animals. I painted the veterinarian's oath on my bedroom walls before I was 10 and was a professional horse trainer by the time I was 19. (Continue Reading...)

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Certification: When I started canine water therapy nearly 20 years ago - there was nothing like it in the country. I've managed to change things a little since then. (Continue Reading...)

Cindy's Background: Cindy began her work over 20 years ago and worked in the area of equine rehabilitation, gait analysis and retraining. At this time she was introduced to water therapy as a tool to aid in physical rehabilitation. (Continue Reading...)

Contact Information: Contact Cindy by phone, email or use our web-based form. (Continue Reading...)

How We Came To Be: Over twenty years ago I was introduced to and given the opportunity to work in an Equine Hydrotherapy program. It was then that the seed of my dream to someday open a canine water therapy program was planted. (Continue Reading...)

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