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My Dog does not like to be in water. Can he still benefit?

Question: My Dog does not like to be in water. Can he still benefit from therapy at La Paw Spa?

Answer: Cindy at La Paw Spa excels in the department of emotional safety in water. She has built her practice and school on the importance of this. The first session is always about emotions and Cindy takes great care in helping the dogs onto the steps where she can sit with your friend and just be for a while. If it feels appropriate for your dog, Cindy will usually move him/her onto her lap and begin her massage work and getting to know your pup.... She'll scoot down a step when appropriate and get further into the water so that the warmth and support of the water and also begin doing its work. Cindy has yet to meet a dog who hasn't been able to benefit from the services of La Paw Spa.

Swimming comes later... depending on the dog's condition and is introduced carefully and conservatively.

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