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Brodie Fisher swam with Cindy Horsfall at La Paw Spa in Washington since his CCL surgery in July of 2003. Since his full recovery, he still swims every week for maintenance and just plain fun. Brodie is a bulldog that never heard that bulldogs were supposed to sink like bricks. He is very enthusiastic about his toys.

Aspen Pet Booda Soft Bite Floppy Disc: Thanks to the BOODA® Soft Bite Floppy Disc®, you can say goodbye to your old, hard plastic disks! The BOODA Floppy Disc is the durable fetch toy that flies, floats and is flexible - making it both fun and... (Continue Reading...)

Bamboo Pet Combat™ Extreme Toss n' Pull Dog Toy : The Combat Extreme Toss n' Pull Dog Toy is constructed of a very durable fabric, which makes it ideal for aggressive chewers and rough-housing. A tennis ball is attached to the adjustable heavy-duty rope, thereby giving dogs a choice... (Continue Reading...)

JW Pet Company Whirl-Wheel Squeaky Rubber Flying Disk : JW Pet Company is the maker of the Hol-ee Roller and many other dog toys and grooming products. The JW Pet Company Whirl-Wheel puts a new spin on the flying disc. The only squeaking, pliable, flyable disc on the... (Continue Reading...)

Katie's Bumpers Frequent Flyer Fetch Toys : Primary Colors! Primary Shapes! Primary Fun! The Frequent Flyer is easy to see on the water, on land, in the snow, and in the shadows. Dogs don't miss them! Tough Fire Hose Squeaks, Flies & Floats Durable, But Not... (Continue Reading...)

Pet Buddies Pooch Tube: Pet Buddies says: The Pooch Tube is designed and constructed purely for doggie enjoyment and entertainment. It's a durable competition for the standard issue flying disc. It's perfect for ring toss, tug of war, fetch, doggie water polo or... (Continue Reading...)

Triple Crown Easy Glider: The Triple Crown Easy Glider is easy to throw straight and level, even if you are inexperienced. The unique design allows for it to glide through the air without taking sharp arcs or turns, as well as land gently,... (Continue Reading...)

Tuffie's Soft Dog Toy: Tuffie's is billed as the "World's Tuff-est Soft Dog Toy". Tuffies toys are made from 1 layer of soft fleece to allow for easy chewing and 2 layers of ballistic, industrial grade coated denier nylon in the center. All... (Continue Reading...)

VO-Toys Ruff & Tough Doggie Boomerang : The Ruff & Tough Doggie Boomerang is made by Vo-Toys. They state that the Doggie Boomerang is: Built to Last Tougher than the rest when put to the test Extra durable construction Heavy duty material Floats in water Easy... (Continue Reading...)

Wubba World Water Wubba : Measuring 4" X 17", the patented Water Wubba is a very unique dog toy. The top part is a tennis ball and the middle is a pliable rubber ball (no squeaker in the water version). The covering is neoprene... (Continue Reading...)

Zanies SS Canine Neoprene Toys: PetEdge says "Set sail into a sea of profits with these Zanies ® SS Canine Neoprene Toys. Made of buoyant neoprene so they float in water and are easy to grab on land. Bright nautical colors and designs stand... (Continue Reading...)