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Alternative Healing Modalities
When you find your best friend in need, you usually begin to think outside the box in an effort to help. Going to the veterinarian is always advised. Know the facts, get the xrays, bloodwork and whatever you need to help diagnose the picture. Think preventive thoughts and reach for the whole picture so that your efforts can begin to heal at the source of where things went wrong. Good alternatives to seek out in your area include acupuncture, chiropractic, massage, hydrotherapy and nutrition.

Finding Alternatives: When seeking a team of health options for your canine friends (and for yourself!) - it is wise to seek the best medical attention you can (Continue Reading...)

TTouch Offers Canines New Pawsibilities: Swim Sessions Combined with the TTOUCH METHOD™ offer Canines New Pawsibilities By Pampered Paw Swim Spa Injuries sustained by canines often leave a holding pattern of impaired function and pain in the injured area. These mal-adaptive responses are repetitively used... (Continue Reading...)